Scientific Committee

Dr. Benjamin Bach

Dr. Moa Carlsson

PhD Cand. Roxana Karam

Prof. John Lee

Dr.-Ing. Cristina Nan

Dr. Bettina Nissen

Dr. Miguel Paredes Maldonado

Prof. Remo Pedreschi

Prof. Chris Speed

Conference Team

Roxana Karam, Phd. Cand.

Roxana Karam is an architect and designer based in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. She recently submitted her PhD on biosemiotics and data-driven architecture at the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the University of Edinburgh. Roxana has been active as an interdisciplinary design researcher in the field of data-driven technologies in architecture. Her approach to architecture as a creative practice is both top-down and bottom-up. Her main research focus is on contemporary architectural propositions, and she is keen on reviewing design processes and methodologies within the scope of urban informatics, data-driven innovations and biology. She questions the spatial articulation through the interdisciplinary knowledge of architecture, technology, and biosemiotics.

Dr.-Ing. Cristina Nan, Lecturer in Design and Digital Fabrication

Cristina specialises in digital fabrication, robotics, additive manufacturing and algorithmic design. Besides these focus points, Cristina follows a strong line of investigation related to future technological, socio-economic, geo-political and urban-territorial implications of the gas and oil industry in relation to the digital sector. Cristina studied architecture at the TU Munich, University of Bath and the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Barcelona. Her PhD at the HafenCity University Hamburg focuses on architectural robotics and advanced manufacturing.