Construct. Control. Code. is the continuation of a discussion which has been initiated last year at the [Digital Practices] Symposium 2018, also hosted by the Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture [ESALA] at the University of Edinburgh. The [DP] Symposium served as a platform for discussions and debate around the themes of computation, process, material and tools within the context of cutting edge advance in digital fabrication and computational design.

Session 01
Theme: Practice & Advanced Material Strategies  [March 2018] 

Guest Speakers

  • Carlos Bausa Martinez, Specialist Modelling Group, Foster + Partners, London
  • Lisa Finlay, Heatherwick Studio, London
  • Matt King, Founding Partner & Associate Director, Atelier D’Ingenierie T/E/S/S Paris
  • Philipp Eversmann, Eversmann Studio, Munich/Straubing & University of Kassel

Session 02
Theme: Advances in Computation
[April 2018]

Guest Speakers

  • Shaun Murray, The Bartlett UCL & AA Architectural Association, ENIAtype, London
  • Pablo Gil,  GilBartolomé ADW, Madrid, Universidad Europea de Madrid
  • Theo Dounas, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Adventurous Architecture, Greece-China-UK

Session 03
Theme: Robotics in Architecture
[May 2018] 

Guest Speakers

  • Manuel Jimenez García, Co-founder M A D M design, Nagami – Robotic Manufacturing Startup, Lecturer in Architecture, The Bartlett UCL
  • Gilles Retsin, Program Director B.Pro Architectural Design, Co-founder Design Computation Lab, The Bartlett UCL 
  • Henriette Bier, Robotics Building Group & Delft Robotics Institute ,TU Delft  
  • Urs Hirschberg, Graz University of Technology, Founding Director of the Institute of Architecture and Media (IAM)